Thursday, July 31, 2008

"a success" doesn't even begin to cover it!

Wow. Let me say it again, WOW. We at FP4H are just in awe of what God did last weekend at our Leadership Summit. Over 300 people - from 32 states and Canada - new and returning - husbands, wives, daughters, friends. It was a wonderful time. We are beginning to emerge and get our energy back this week as we were pretty wiped out on Sunday - but it was a sweet kind of exhaustion. It's funny how the week after conference can be just as tiring as the week leading up to it! We've been busy since Monday morning answering emails and phone calls that simply had to hold off until the event was over. If you're waiting to hear back from us - we're working on getting to you very soon!

The Summit was more than a success - I heard one attendee say it was "revolutionary"! Wow! The keynote talks about time management, determining our values, operating out of our values, and more were wonderful - Becky Turner from LifeHouse did a fantastic job. I taught my own seminars, so unfortunately I could not attend everyone else's, but I heard they were wonderful - from LPC Cindy Schirle, Pastor Steve Reynolds, our leadership and fitness guru Vicki Heath, National Director Carole Lewis, and real life success story Tamara Fisher. Well done! We had beautiful testimonies of what God has done in some FP4H members' lives, and truth be told I think we can agree that sometimes those are the best part of the entire event. Tamara Fisher, Steve Reynolds, Jan Norris and Joyce Ainsworth - you are inspirations to us all!

Thank you to our "behind the scenes" servant team and other staff members especially Pat Lewis, Lisa Lewis, Debbie Barrett, and the "Matthews Mob". And special thanks to our summer intern, Lynette Moorehead, who was sweet enough to run my powerpoint slides FOUR times - you are a dear and were such a big help!

For those of you who attended the Summit, we'd love to know your FAVORITE part! Leave us some love! :)

We'll post pictures soon!

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