Wednesday, September 3, 2008

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Hi Everyone,

We are having our first leader's meeting tonight for our Fall session! Our classes begin this Thursday and we have classes on beginning this Thursday, and next Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I will be prepping our leadership tonight on how to run their first meeting, Week One of the program. Everything you need is in your Leader's Guide (specifically on pages 49 and 53), but in order to help them feel more at ease, I created this handout that helps to remind them what to cover. I hope this is helpful to those of you who are preparing to start your Fall groups, too!

Leaders Meeting #1
What you Need to Know for Leading WEEK ONE

1. Your at-a-glance lesson plan outline is on page 49 of your Leader’s Guide (LG). This is a great place to start to bed a bird's eye view of what you're covering in Week One.

2. Your detailed lesson plan outline is on page 53 and gives you all the details you need for leading your first class. It covers what to do before the meeting, during the meeting, and after the meeting. Just read through the outline and take it step by step. The majority of this week’s class is devoted to viewing three DVD segments – it will go by quickly and greatly reduces the amount you have to teach!

3. Do your best to weigh and measure all of your members this first meeting. If you have a very large class, split the measuring between this week and next OR offer to stay a bit late or come a bit early next time to finish this up.

4. Your class is consuming a lot of information this first meeting, so encourage them to soak it up, reflect over it the next few days, and begin reading through the physical section of their Member’s Guide to get better oriented with the new Live It. Ask them to save some of their questions for the next two weeks, as you’ll be covering bits and pieces of the Live It each week. If they want to know “what to eat”, encourage them to eat the most quality foods they can find, in appropriate quantities as best they know, most of the week AND make sure to encourage that they write down their choices on their Live It Tracker.

5. For homework, ask your members to complete the 6 items listed on page 49. An explanation of the Live It Tracker Challenge can be found in your detailed outline on LG pg 55, 4. A.

6. Ask them to fill out Prayer Request Form #2 and save #1 for the final week of class. This is because Week #1 was accidentally printed without the memory verse so we have to shift around a bit.

7. Share how to get a week-long, 8.5x11” week-long Live It Tracker online. They may want to use this format since the ones in the Bible studies are a bit small. All they have to do is go to, click the link at the top right-hand corner that says "Member Login" and either create or provide a previously created username and password. You can also access this by logging in as a leader and once your "Group Information" page comes up, click the link on the right that says "download Leader Guide forms".

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