Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Update on Carole & Johnny

I'm happy to report that Carole & Johnny have moved back to Galveston Bay. As you may know, Carole and Johnny sold a piece of their property to a couple who built a new home on pilings according to Galveston County code. The upper part of that home was not damaged and the lower part was easily repaired. The couple moved back to Houston shortly before the hurricane and put their house on the market for sale. Since it has not sold, they rented it to Carole and Johnny so they can live right on their property while they rebuild. The house is fully furnished so they do not have to purchase contents. They moved in October 17 and are getting settled in. This is a great answer to prayer. Isn't God good!

The County Corps of Engineers did establish that their home was a Category 3 which means they cannot rebuild using any of the remaining structure. Carole returned to work on Monday, October 20, and it is great to have her back. I know she welcomes the return to routine.

Carole appreciates so much the cards, prayers and outpouring of love to them. Thank you so much. As you continue to pray for Carole and Johnny, Carole asked that you pray for wisdom as they take the next step. Do they actively begin rebuilding or wait for a while? They don't want to run ahead of God for a minute and are inclined to wait.

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