Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tell us what you really think!

We really want to know!
  • What do you think of our new studies?
  • What do you think about Calorie King?
  • What do you think about our website?
  • What should we add, change, tweak?
  • What accessory products would help you on your FP4H journey? Mugs...measuring spoons...more products...supplements....scales...cookbooks...?
  • What products would make good awards in your class?
  • What would make you want to attend a FP4H event?
  • What training would you like to see at our Leadership Summit event?
We also want to hear about you!
  • What are you doing in your class?
  • What creative ideas or information have you used/experienced in your class?
  • Do you have a success story?
Don't hold back! Let us have it! : )

~ Lisa

Update on Carole ~ The big move is this weekend! Pray for Johnny and Carole. Johnny hasn't been feeling well, so pray the move goes smoothly and stress-free (as a move can be). Pictures next week!


  1. I've been checking out your website, and I"m confused about the product. Is it just a bible study?
    Or does it come with menu plans and fitness ideas? Is it a group like WW'ers? or am I pulling out info from the bible and applying it? There really is no place that I can see "visibly anyhow" that actually tells me about the weightloss side of the program. I would appreciate the info! Thanks.

  2. Hi Amy, FP4H is based on the four-sided person--mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. We don't focus on just the physical, but on balance in all four areas. How that works specifically is you meet once a week for a 12-week session. Class time is spent on weighing in, saying your scripture for the week, 15-20 minutes on a wellness issue, 25 minutes discussing the Bible study that you've been working on during the week and ending with a prayer time. Here's a little more about what we hope you will get out of your group meeting:

    Don't hesitate to call if there's anything I can do to help you get started. Lisa Lewis, 800.727.5223, x1001


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