Friday, May 14, 2010

FP4H Has Left the Building!!

We are all moved in and open for business at our new location! Our new address is:

First Place 4 Health
7025 West Tidwell, Suite H-101
Houston, Texas 77092

Wow! What a job! Moving just consumes your time for days before and after. There are a million details. If we have been slow to reply to your emails or calls, please forgive us.

My top ten reasons I love our new offices:

10. It's exactly 5.42 miles from my house.
9. We can control the air conditioning. Some of you may have heard that our old offices would sometimes get stuck at 62 degrees all day. Brrrrr!
8. The office park is so quiet and pretty.
7. The office is less than five minutes away from a great Vietnamese restaurant.
6. I have my own shelves for all my event stuff.
5. Our new server is so much faster.
4. It's ten minutes from Houston's First Baptist Church where we have six FP4H groups meeting every week.
3. We have a deli right next door. I hear they have ice cream, but I wouldn't know about that...
2. Our fantastic volunteers have made the transition to the new location. Thank you Diane, Bob, Dee and Martha!!

And the number one reason I love the new offices...

1. Kali, Lisa Cramer's boxer, comes to visit! Love a dog-friendly office!

P.S. - Have you registered for Leadership Summit this year in Houston? Come learn, laugh, play and be inspired with us on July 30-31. We will spend Saturday at Carole Lewis' bay property on Galveston Bay. Hope you can join us!!

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