Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Carole's Lunch at Chili's

I went by the office and it was lunch time so Lisa and I went to Chili’s. We are both serious about losing some weight, so we had fun looking at the lunch menu and deciding what to order that would be a good choice. We finally decided on sharing the $7.00 lunch with the two mini burgers and a bowl of tortilla soup. Lisa ate one burger and the few fries that came with it and I ate one burger and maybe ½ cup of the soup. I took the the rest of the soup home for Johnny to eat later. We had fun visiting and didn’t feel stuffed. We both ate for $3.50 each. Eating out is always a challenge, but splitting meals insures you will only get half as much as usual. The funny thing is, I was just as satisfied as when I eat too much and pay too much. We really are “Better Together” if we hang out with others wanting success in the weight loss department.



  1. My husband and I have been doing that for several years now. You don't go away stuffed and feeling guilty and you can eat out more often for the same money.

  2. When I ate at Chilis last week I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich with fat free honey mustard, lettuce and tomatoe on a whole wheat bun. This is usually served with steamed veggies, but I chose fries and didn't eat them all. I was surprised that this healthy lunch was on the menu. I definitely will order that again ( with the veggies though).


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