Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Your Challenge for This Week!

I must tell you, I have the best First Place 4 Health group in all of the universe! I am motivated and inspired weekly by eight of the most awesome women! Every week, I give them a challenge in one of the areas of wellness--mental, physical, spiritual or emotional. This week, one of my members inspired all of us with an unusual challenge. We have been doing the study Walking in Grace and this week the focus of our study was letting our light shine in a dark world. Margaret challenged us all to see if we could really shine from the inside out for one whole day. Our challenge from Margaret: Go the entire day without saying one critical thing about anything. Nothing critical about a TV show, another person, anything at all. What a challenge! Our lights are dimmed when we have a critical spirit. Criticism can be so damaging to those around us! My class is the best. The bible says “iron sharpens iron” and these ladies are making me sharp! What about your class?


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  1. What a great challenge! I'm going to have to try this. I'm sure I've already messed up today, but I'm starting now!


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