Monday, August 15, 2011

Family Challenge

When I was in D.C., we had lunch with Jessica Tanihana and her family. There were 12 of us at lunch, including a couple, Cheryl and Jeff Davis, who had driven from Pittsburgh to hear Jessica. Cheryl is a leader at Helen Barrata’s church and helped us have a fabulous Hope 4 You event at their church a few months ago.

We were talking about Wellness Week at Sandy Cove Conference Center in North East, Maryland, next April 29-May 4, and Cheryl asked Jeff if she could go. Jeff said, “If you will run a 10K with me before that time, you can go.” Cheryl had run a 5K with Jeff already and she seems to be up for the challenge.

As I was on the plane last night flying home, I thought about how nice it would be if couples challenged each other with something that would be healthy for both of them. Jeff also rides a bike and he rode 350 miles with his 17 year-old son. Their son told Jeff at the end of the ride, “When you are gone I’ll still be telling my kids about our ride.”

Wouldn’t it be great if this fall each of us made a conscious effort to plan some healthy activities with our family members? We would get healthier, but we would also build memories to last for a lifetime.

Carole Lewis


  1. That is a very nice challenge! One of the things that we do differently now is walk to school. While it is not a 5 or 10k...and definitley not biking for eons of miles, it is a nice 8 minute walk with my boys in the morning. If we leave early enough, we stop and play at the park on the way for a bit!

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