Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My New Favorite Power Food!

While traveling to New England this past week, I discovered a wonderful power food. When I say power food, I am talking about food that really packs a punch for the calories. Foods that have the ability to sustain you over a longer period of time and keep you from getting hungry are power foods! I was in the airport and really needed something to sustain me for my next flight. When you are on a limited amount of calories (and we all should be), you really want to make those calories you chose count for you and not against you. When we consume foods with empty calories, those foods work against us. My new very favorite is Siggi ‘s Icelandic style skyr yogurt. I found it in the cold drink case in an airport deli. For only a 100 calorie serving, you get 14 grams of protein! That is about twice as much as regular yogurt. Now, I must warn you—this is not your common yogurt. If you are used to sweet and fluffy yogurt, this may not be for you. It is strong in flavor and consistency, but I am loving it! I found it at Earth Fare in the dairy after I got home, which makes it even better!

I do not want to waste my calories on foods that are simple carbohydrates and don’t supply much in the way of nutrition or fortification for the body. A good example of empty calories would be a slice of plain white bread. A better choice would be Kashi Go Lean whole grain cereal. That is my choice for breakfast over plain white toast. In a one-cup serving of Kashi Go lean cereal, there are only 140 calories. This is what you get for your calories: 13 g of protein and 9 g of fiber! Both protein and fiber will keep you from getting hungry so quickly. These two (protein and fiber) work better together. How about you? Do you have those favorite foods that work for you and not against you? Do you have some favorite foods that really pack a punch for the calories? Please share … we are on this journey together and we too are better together!

Vicki Heath


  1. I've found it at my local grocery store (HEB), but you can check on their website -

  2. High calorie foods are not good for a healthy life. Because high calorie foods cost more exercises.

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  4. Nice article, even though the calories is ok but you should also focus on the quality of food you are eating..


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