Wednesday, April 1, 2009

update: turning resolutions into realities

hello there! i've been so encouraged by your sweet comments about my decision to become a fitness trainer/instructor. and i'm so glad that my sharing this decision has encouraged some of you to do the same - that's awesome! to give you an update, i'm a little more than half way through the curriculum. i'm reading the textbook cover to cover, as i've been encouraged to do by others who've taken this exam, highlighting and taking notes as i go. the first half was much tougher to get through as it was full of detailed anatomy and physiology information. luckily, most of it is coming back clearly as i took those classes in high school and college, but it's still working mental muscles, if you will, that have been dormant for a while! the latter half is proving to be much easier to get through, so i'm hoping i can finish up pretty soon. from there, i'll go over key points again, study flashcards, take a practice test online, and then (drum roll....) sign up for the exam. my goal is still to have it behind me before baby comes, but i'm trying to be flexible, too. there is no sense in paying for an exam when i don't feel as prepared as i want to just because it's the date i set months ago. so, we'll see...but i'm on track to potentially make it happen.

here are some of the sustainable motivations for this resolution of mine.

- i'd get to check something off my "i've always wanted to do this" list which would be deeply gratifying
- it's mutually beneficial as i get to help others and stay fit myself!
- i really enjoy motivating people to reach new heights
- it could provide additional income for my family that is flexible and at my discretion
- it would be an enjoyable challenge that would stretch and refine me

what are your sustainable motivations for goals you've taken on recently?

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