Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prayer & Praise from Carole

Prayer: I leave Sunday, April 26, for 6 TV interviews in five cities in 6 days! I must have been crazy but it seemed like a good idea at the time instead of stretching it out for 3 weeks or more. I am traveling alone so please pray for no flight delays, traveling mercies from Chicago to Indiana and then back to Chicago in a rent car (for the Harvest show). I will be in Indiana, Toronto, Indiana again, Atlanta for 2 shows and Tampa on Friday. Friday afternoon I finally fly home.

Huge Praise: Last night I was talking to Becky and she reminded me to take my passport for Canada. I panicked because I hadn't even given a thought to my passport since Ike and didn't remember seeing it. We hung up and I went downstairs to look through the small amount of valuables that I took from the house before Ike (our 2 wills, 3 love letters from Johnny when I was 16 and our insurance policies) and alas, the passport was not there. This morning at 6 a.m, I was at my office on the internet seeing if it might be possible to get a passport before I leave on Sunday. Yes it is Tuesday!!! I filled out the application online and was at the drug store by 8:30 to have my picture taken and at the post office by 9 a.m. when they opened. I had signed up online for an expediting service so the lady called me and I didn't have half of what I needed so back to the office to complete everything. I was back at the post office at 10:30 and found out that my original birth certificate from 1942 wasn't going to cut it; they need a certified copy and of course I was born in Oklahoma City so that was going to be a stretch. They suggested that I go to the Federal bldg. downtown and see if they could help me. I told Pat it was going to take a miracle for me to pull this one off but a miracle is exactly what I got. I had two wonderful workers help me. The first told me that I could either fly to Ok. City to get the certified copy or pay $60 to research it on line. Of course you know what I chose. $220 later I found out that I could return at 2:30 today and pick up my actual new passport! I got it and the real miracle of all this is that if I had found my old passport I would not have even opened it because I was absolutely sure I had gotten a new on in 2006 when we went to Israel. NOT!!! My passport expired in 2007 and I would have had that old passport and not been able to travel into Canada next week. God is so good to me and I'll owe Becky for years to come on this one!!

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