Thursday, March 10, 2011

We need your help!

Who saw the FP4H March newsletter that came out a few days ago? You may have noticed that we have two new columns:

FP4H Recipe Makeovers ~ Do you have a favorite recipe that's not so healthy? Lisa Cramer, our resident cooking queen, will take that recipe and make it over so it's healthier, but still delicious. We'll publish a recipe makeover each month.

What can you do? Send us your unhealthy recipes!

Simple Ideas for Leaders ~ In this column we will share creative ideas that leaders have used in their FP4H classes.

What can you do? Send us your ideas! We need fun, creative, motivational or informative ideas that you or your leader have used in your class.

You might have noticed that we also had a prayer request in this issue:

Grant Writer ~ There are lots of grants available for organizations that promote health and wellness. We need someone to search out grants that fit our organization and apply on our behalf. Our prayer is that we would be able to use these grants to provide materials to groups in lower economic areas, fund training for FP4H leaders and train and equip our staff in the areas of wellness, nutrition and exercise. We would also like to use them to scholarship Pastor’s and wives to attend wellness weeks, etc.

What can you do? Pray with us that the Lord will bring someone that has the time and the ability to help us.

So how do you win a prize? Reply to any of these needs with a comment below. If you sent your motivational idea or recipe to me at just post "Sent!" below. If you're praying with us, post "Praying!". If you don't have anything to send right now, but you love the new columns, post "Love it!". Really, you can post anything at all and I'll love it. Tomorrow afternoon, I'll draw a random winner from all posts to win a copy of our newest Bible study, A New Beginning!


  1. Jerrilee RobinsonMarch 10, 2011 at 9:26 AM

    I will be praying for your request for a Grant Writer--just wish it were something my husband would be qualified for as he lost his job on Friday. We just started FP4H at our church and I have been leading since January. So I don't want to move, but we may have to as we'll have to go where the jobs are.
    By the way, I love the blog and newsletter. I really enjoy soaking up lots of ideas, information and inspirations from both of them.
    God Bless

  2. I'll check my recipes and see what to send.. I usually change mine anyway to a healthier one so I'll check.

    I will also be praying and prayed prior to sending this comment for you to get a Grant writer and the funding to help others in that area. I think that is a great outreach.

    I absolutely love FP4H and the bible lessons and I enjoy getting the newsletters and keeping up to date. I always share them on Facebook.

    Have a great and wonderfully blessed day everyone!!

  3. Thank you for FP4H! What a wonderful way to get closer to God and become a better person!

  4. Class idea--We began using the idea to give bucks for members using the FP4H tools. We have the auction at the end of our session where everyone can use their bucks to bid on items,etc. We call them LiveIt Bucks.

    Toward the middle of the session I began to notice that the bucks were becoming a little bit too big of a deal. Some were over-the top about earning every single buck. I noticed that many who were not earning all the bucks every week were getting discouraged. It really bothered me that the focus had turned so heavily to this little motivational tool.

    Being that our study was Walking in Grace this time, I decided to make up some "Grace Bucks." Some were worth 5 bucks, some 10 and some 20. I randomly began handing them out for no reason. We were able to have a good discussion about how this "Grace Buck" principle relates to God's grace for us. It continues to be a nice reminder that is's not all about earning the bucks! This really seemed to change the tone of our group.

    Just an idea for those who use the bucks!

  5. I love reading your blog and enjoyed reading the newsletter for the first time!

  6. I love the newsletter. I am a new leader, with a college background in food and nutrition, and have been a Weight Watchers member for 2 years. When our church needed a new leader for Monday nights, my hand went up, since that is when it worked best for me. We are on week 9. I stopped my Weight Watchers membership, and the past few weeks have begun losing again. I use various different websites to calculate calories, and even track my calories and excercise on one (Live it Tracker would be great if you could do online). Even a great, "Simple Swaps" ideas section on the newsletter would be great. Ideas such as use fat free plain yogurt in place of sour cream in recipes, applesauce in place of oil, etc.

  7. I am in my second year of leading. We all LOVE the bible studies. They are inspiring, motivational and weekly speak to us on something we are going through.

    I have spiced up our meeting time by working in a 10 minute workout segment each time with meet. Typically the worship CD that comes with each study, is used - and we all LOVE the CD.

    Thank you for such a wonderful ministry!
    Cindy Hils - I had to sign in as anonymous - here is my email if I win:

  8. Will be praying! How do I get signed up for the newsletter. This is all very new to me (my first class, other than orientation, is one week from today).

    C. Elkins Rock Hill, SC

  9. First Place is a wonderful program. It's not just about losing pounds, it is also about a closer walk with the Lord. Thank you for your encouragement throughout the years!

  10. Just ordered new study for our next session that starts in 2 weeks. We can hardly wait to start.

    I read the newsletter and print out articles of interest for our members. We take turns serving complete Firt Place 4 life meals. We enjoy our study the fellowship of breaking bread together.


  11. Love all the updates. I have been teaching First Place for over 10 years and love every minute of it! The Bible Studies are excellent.

  12. C. Elkins - You can sign up for the newsletter here:

  13. I love the newsletter, and I print it out to share with those in our FP4H group that do not have email.

  14. praying for the Lord to lead someone to meet your needs!
    i absolutely love every study I have done so far (on my 5th).
    Thank you for the amazing program!

  15. I love love love this program. We are on our 2nd book and I must say I am truely addicted to the daily readings. Some day I feel God is sortie on my couch have a conversation with me. This has helped me with so many many things in my life!
    Jennifer daigle
    Ponchatoula, LA

  16. Praying for you and all the needs to enhance the program. Would LOVE a chance to receive the new Bible study and the motivation/spiritual growth it would provide. God bless.
    Linda Dunsmore
    Shelbyville, KY

  17. All the Bible Studies in First Place are wonderful. Can't seem to pick which one I like best. When you are in God's word they are all the best. Love the blog and news letter.

  18. Wonderful blog and newsletters! I always find something new!

  19. Thank you for ministering to all 4 sides!

  20. Praying for a grant writer for the program. This would be wonderful. God will send someone to help. A New Beginning is what I seek. Thanks for First Place and all that the First Place team does for all of us. First Place meets our needs in all 4 areas. I love the spiritual uplifting.
    Juanita Setzer
    Summerfield, FL

  21. Love the Bible studies - especially the CDs for scripture memory!

  22. Praying! Love the Bible studies

  23. Love the blog. Very inspirational!!

  24. Praying and thanking the Lord for your ministry!

  25. Congratulations Keelie!! Your name was drawn to win the Bible study. Thanks everyone for some great comments. I have really enjoyed reading about you and your class and also your thoughts about FP4H.


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