Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Negative Thinking

Lord save me from myself! That is my prayer today. It’s been a hard couple of months. If I had been in my old state of mind I tell you I would have pretty much given up on the pursuit of wellness. I hurt my back last week and it sent me into spiritual deja vu. In December, I had surgery. Nothing major, but the recovery was six weeks. Six weeks of very limited exercise. Now understand, I have been exercising five to six times a week for the past 18 years--your workout is my warm up! When my doctor said “nothing but ten-minute walks about every other day”, I started to panic. The toxic thinking started to grip my mind and heart. My first thought, “This is the beginning of the end”--the end of my leading exercise classes for Body & Soul, the end of my FP4H leadership position, the end of my writing career. That’s when I knew I had to get help. I sent out a panic alert text to good friends who hold me accountable for my negative thinking. My first immediate text back response was, “no it is not. That is a lie. U will b fine!” Amen to that! I am fine! I am more than fine. It’s now been 9 weeks and I am back to 100 percent. I knew when I started letting those thoughts camp in my brain that I was in for big trouble if I did not take action. What if I had done nothing? I would have started to believe that it really was the beginning of the end. I would have just given up on my good eating habits too because what is the use? I am surely going to gain all my weight back since I can’t exercise, so I might as well enjoy it! Can you believe it! I am just a phone call away from being in the pit! How about you? Do you find yourself believing the lies? Don’t panic – just do the next right thing – whatever that might be. Call a friend, call on the Lord, do something! Jesus said if you know my word and keep it (obey, obey, obey) you will know the truth – and the truth will make you free! I am free indeed! Free to take time off and get better next time I need to. And free from the worry that this is indeed “the beginning of the end”. Once again He has saved me from myself!

Vicki Heath

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  1. Not sure how I got to your blog but glad I did - this one definitely helped me today. Blessings, Mariiyn


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