Wednesday, January 29, 2014

First Place 4 Health Saved My Life

“The result of your thyroid test was alarmingly high."  That was the way the nurse at the Wellness Center began our conversation.  I was at Round Top, TX with First Place 4 Health and had opted for an additional blood test - a thyroid test

“Alarmingly high? What was it?”  “The acceptable range is from 0.4 to 4.0.  Yours was 117!”

“Alarming”???  That seemed like an understatement!  After all I was 113 points over the normal range.  As I wondered if I should immediately be hospitalized or, better yet airlifted to…I don’t know…a world class thyroid-fixing institution, I relaxed a little and asked how I should handle the situation. 

The nurse said she’d fax the information to my primary physician and after 30 minutes I could call for an appointment.  I hung up the phone intending to call Dr. Jim’s office in 29 minutes.  In the meantime I thanked God for First Place 4 Health and the Wellness Week I was attending, and I looked for Carole and Vicki! 

When I found them I exclaimed without reserve, “First Place saved my life!”  Admittedly, that might have been a little dramatic, but I do give First Place a great deal of credit.  Not only was my “alarmingly high” test result discovered at a Wellness Week, but First Place continually reminds me of the importance of staying fit in every area of my life. 

Thanks, First Place 4 Health.  You’re a life-saver!  

Kendra Smiley
As a speaker and author, Kendra draws from her mosaic background as an educator, wife, mother, and entrepreneur. Professionally honing her skills as a member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, Kendra capably connects to diverse audiences. Today, Kendra reaches women as a speaker, host of the daily radio program Live Life Intentionally, TV program, or via her blog.

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