Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Are you a weigh-a-holic?

I personally weigh once a week. For me, weighing every day would be like jumping on an emotional roller coaster! Weighing can be a good way to measure your success and it can also be a daily torture. I think it is fine as long as you are mature enough to handle what it tells you. When the numbers go down on the scale we love it. When the numbers go up, we despise it.  The scale only has the ability to weigh what you have on--your skin, bones, fluids, organs and the food in your body. It cannot measure an improvement in your blood pressure or your cholesterol. When the scale goes up, up, up, that is an indication of a malfunction somewhere in the balance of my life. That warning should get me back on track with the right attitude, but the scale should not cause me to hate myself. There is no way the scale can measure your true worth. In Sue Monk Kidd's book, The Invention of Wings, Hettie the slave girl sneaks into the Master's library, pulls down the ledger of household items and finds herself listed there as worth $500. She comes out of the library and her mauma sees her raw eyes and says, "There ain't nobody can write down in a book what you worth." Let's keep it in perspective and focus on what is true. I am a child of God and He loves me. My prayer for you today is that you will be able to grasp how wide and long and how deep is the Father's love for us. His love for us does not go up or down - it is constant.

What is your experience with the scale?  Leave some feedback below and let's keep the conversation going.

Vicki Heath

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  1. Any time when I would weigh the participants in our FP4H class and they would say something along the lines of "I'll tell you how my day is once I weigh in". That drove me nuts. The number on the scale should not have the power.


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