Friday, February 7, 2014

My New Healthy Habit

We know that what we do with our bodies has an effect on our spirits and vice versa. It's a scientifically proven fact - grateful people are healthier people. There are actually people employed as "gratitude researchers." Dr. Robert Emmons is one such gratitude researcher and psychology professor at the University of California, Davis.  His research has found that those who adopt an “attitude of gratitude” as a permanent state of mind experience many health benefits. To name just a few:  improved mental alertness, coping with stress better, and stronger immune systems. I am impressed by this research but I have personal experience as well to know this is true. My husband and I have been in the ministry over thirty years and have seen the grateful and the ungrateful. Today I am practicing a new healthy habit. I am daily listing the top ten things I am thankful for that come to my mind during my quiet time.  No need to over think this - ten will come quickly.  My ten:

1. my salvation
2. my family
3. my new granddaughter coming in April
4. my warm house
5. FP4H
6. my body
7. Lisa
8. Lisa
9. good food
10. Edisto Beach Baptist Church family

Vicki Heath
FP4H National Director

Share your ten by clicking below for a chance to win a handy reusable grocery bag.  We'll draw a name randomly from all responses and post the winner on Monday morning at 9:00 AM Central.

Click here to give us your ten!

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