Thursday, June 25, 2015

Check out the great seminars offered at Summit 2015 this year!

BE FREE ~ Gari Meacham
Culturally we’re bullied and hijacked into thinking dieting is the answer to our struggles with food.  More control—more discipline—more white-knuckled resolve to reach a goal.  The problem is dieting is a carnal way of handling a spiritual problem.  The real question isn’t “How can we lose weight?” but rather, “How can we be free?” We don’t connect Jesus’ promise of freedom to the struggles we experience with food.  Be Free explains that freedom is not a lie or a tease from a Savior that felt like boasting, but rather—an invitation to something great.  

Don’t quit Get Fit ~ Vicki Heath
Every day, people give up trying to get in shape because they buy into the lie that being healthy is as simple as eating less and exercising more.  But healthy living for a lifetime doesn’t begin with a change in what we do.  Everyone who wants to defeat the “4 Fitness Killers” – no time, no motivation, no results, no stamina ~ has to start with a change of mind.  Vicki helps you identify a Get Fit Plan for your life. 

EASY Secrets to Healthy Cooking ~ Lisa Lewis
Healthy cooking doesn't mean that you have to become a gourmet chef or invest in expensive cookware.  Join Lisa as she shares secrets to cutting fat, sugar, and calories out of your favorite recipes using healthier ingredient substitutions—without slashing any flavor.  Bonus Q&A answering your questions about cooking or using the Live It Tracker. 

Getting Free from Stinkin' Thinkin' ~  Carole Lewis
How we think can make us or break us.  This seminar is for you if you or someone you love ever have thoughts such as:
·       It’s no use, I’m a failure 
·       Others can do it, I can’t
·       Why should I keep trying? 
 Learn the transforming steps to walk in God’s freedom.

Getting Started with FP4H ~ Helen Baratta
Although weight management is often our motivation for joining a First Place 4 Health group, the focus is not just on the body or on the number on the scale.  By applying biblical disciplines that affect the whole person – the body, the mind, the heart and spirit – you will experience total health – health for life!   We will share the history, mission and approach to FP4H so you too can start a FP4H ministry resulting in a closer walk with the Lord. 

Maximize Your Potential ~ Rob and Linda Seagears
During our time together, we'll explore and discuss six critical questions to maximizing our potential.  First, we will identify what God wants us to do and continue with some practical steps toward moving in His direction.  Join us for personal application, fun stories and shared experiences. 

Nutrition:  Peak Brain Power ~ Charlotte Davis
God has given us amazing brains to help us learn His Word and other information to assist us in completing our RACE here on the earth.  Come to this seminar and discover the “brain foods” that can help boost your memory, keep your mind sharper, and lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease! 

Discover and practice new ways to encourage others.  One of the most challenging things in our life is the nurturing and in some cases maintaining relationships with family, friends, group members and even frenemies.  Treasured Relationships explores the biblical ways to encourage others. 

You + Me = We ~  Megan Keefe

Doing life alone is NOT how God created us to live.  Getting your friends, small group, accountability partner, spouse and especially your family to get on the healthy train can be tough.  We all like or dislike different forms of exercise.  Finding something to do together is encouraging. Join me for strategies and ideas for Actively Doing Life Together.

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